Red Medicine Tobacco Prevention Project


Project Overview


The Red Medicine Tobacco Prevention Project (RMTPP) is funded by the California Tobacco Control Program and aims to support California’s tribal and urban AIAN youth in optimizing their health and wellness by addressing the harms of commercial tobacco products in their community. RMTPP begins with the NSF premise that health and wellness are essential to youth achieving life goals and aspirations.

The RMTPP project details:

  • Awarded funding in July 2020

  • 5 years project (2020 – 2025)

  • Service area: Kern, Kings and Tulare counties

  • Focus: tribal and AIAN urban youth (12 to 24 years)

Principles for achieving tribal/AIAN urban youth goals via programs linking health and wellness to:

Protecting and preserving ancestral and sacred lands

Engaging in traditional cultural practices

Fostering leadership to systematically overcome historical challenges AIAIN face

Service Area & Partners

The RMTPP will engage California Indian youth from: Kings, Kern and Tulare. 


The RMTPP aims to partner with tribal and urban AIAN organizations, such as:


  • Bakersfield American Indian Health Project

  • Tule River Indian Tribe

  • Tachi Yokuts Tribe 

  • Tejon Yokuts Tribe 

  • Fresno American Indian Health Project

  • Owen Valley Career Development Center 

Project Goals

1. Increase knowledge of the health harms of commercial tobacco products (cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and electronic smoking devices/vaping).


2. Increase knowledge of the environmental harms of commercial tobacco products to the earth, ecosystems and all living things that depend on clean water, unpolluted soil, habitats and food sources. 


3. Change knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs to de-normalize commercial tobacco use


4. Increase youth readiness and capacity to mobilize and address commercial tobacco products via their voices, platforms, values and ideas

5. Increase youth leadership skills address the presence and use of commercial tobacco in tribal and AIAN urban communities. 


6. Develop a comprehensive set of youth driven communication products that capture the California Native youth point of view (may include: digital stories, photo voice, social and print), conference presentations, testimony, policy pitches to elected tribal officials, local and state agencies).

7. Implement youth lead assessments of tribal environments, systems and economic activities to determine the status of commercial tobacco use and sales policy. 


8. Engage youth in promoting smoke-free policies and educating the community about prevention and cessation resources. 


9. Hold culturally based youth activities include connecting health and wellness to rejecting commercial tobacco product use (May include: environmental outings, traditional and spiritual runs, hikes, field classes to examine impacts of commercial tobacco waste on tribal/AIAN lands. 


10. Promote stewardship of the natural environment and protection of sacred lands and sites. 


11. Establish mentorship and internship activities for youth with health professionals, environmental and natural resource agencies, emergency response agencies and health care clinic systems.


12. Support a AIAN centered, culturally informed youth project inspired by and for identified central California’s tribal and urban AIAN communities.

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