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Want to know what’s up with young people and vaping?

See the most recent data on youth and young adult vaping now available!

Data was gathered from various sources such as the California Health Interview Survey, California Student Tobacco Survey, and California Adult Tobacco Survey. The graphs show a breakdown of tobacco use by demographic, attitudes towards certain tobacco products, e-cigarette use rate, and quit attempts and intentions. Results show that marijuana use in any form remains higher than cigarette and e-cigarette use among the young adult population. Current vape use among high school students has slightly decreased from 2018 to 2020, but still remains high. A majority of young adults agree that flavored tobacco products are intentionally designed to appeal to youth, and over half of them would support a policy that prohibits flavored products.

Although this report shows limited data on the Native American populations, it's still important in showing the overall trends as we move forward to reduce commercial tobacco use in our tribal communit

To see the full report visit: NSF Red Medicine Resources


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